Mike & Bryan on NPR, Friday April 13

Mike and I will be on the NPR program All Things Considered tomorrow, Friday April 13th, talking about Korra and Avatar. We did a really cool interview with Neda Ulaby, meaning she asked cool questions (I don’t know if we were cool). We’re really excited and honored to be on that show! Our segment will most likely play in the second hour.

The show is at different times around the country, so you can check the programming schedule here if you are interested. I’m sure it will be online afterward, so I will be posting a link when I have one. I also just discovered that NPR is on Tumblr, and I hear they have a snazzy free app.

Affiliation is still open

Affiliation is still open for anyone who is interested! Please keep in mind that I’m looking for Avatar: the Last Airbender and/or Legend of Korra fansites only. Forums, information sites, wikis, tumblr blogs, etc are welcome to apply as long as your site is of equal quality as Firebender and is updated on a regular basis. Please fill out a contact form  with your name, email, url, and a short description of your site.

Be the leaf and maybe you’ll float through

I have to make this update quick, I’m leaving for Boston in about an hour so gotta write this quickly! Just a heads up, this will probably be the last graphic update until finals are over and I will post more in about three to four weeks from now (probably the end of April).  In the meantime I will still regularly check email, post Korra news, and fan community events. There will be plenty of Korra graphics to come!

Legend of Korra Available on iTunes

I’m a little late in announcing this but if you didn’t already know you can download the first two episodes of Korra for free on iTunes! Also, the series should be available on XBOX Live. Later on the week I’ll post the first two episodes on Firebender.

iTunes Description: Avatar Korra, a headstrong, rebellious, feisty young woman who continually challenges and breaks with tradition, is on her quest to become a fully realized Avatar. In this story, the Avatar struggles to find balance between tradition and modernity, the bending and non-bending world, and within herself.

Cost of Season Pass: $29.99

Graphic Additions:

  • 1 new wallpaper feature Korra
  • 1 new signature featung Aang by Laforeze
  • 3 new avatars featuring Mako, Tenzin, Chief Lin Bei Fong
  • 1 new Transparent Render featuring Korra

Staff Positions are open

I’m looking for one Avatar graphic designer who would like to share their work on Firebender while still retaining full credit and authority over their work. There are a few requirements for these positions:

  • the graphics must be designed in either Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, etc. (anything aside from MS Paint)
  • only high quality work (no grainy/pixelated images)
  • the graphics must be either Avatar: the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, or The Last Airbender movie related
  • designers can created anything of the following wallpapers, avatars, signatures,  graphics resources, banners, web layouts, and blog layouts

If you’re interested just fill out the contact form with your name, email address, examples of your work, and a very brief description of your experience with designing. Though please keep this in the mind, I’m looking for designers who will add new work at least once a month. If you have an questions feel free to send me an email or leave behind a comment.


When things get rough just be the leaf and float through. One more week until the Legend of Korra premiere!

Affiliation is open

Affiliation is currently open for any one who is interested! Please keep in mind that I’m looking for Avatar: the Last Airbender and/or Legend of Korra fansites only. Forums, information sites, wikis, tumblr blogs, etc are welcome to apply as long as your site is of equal quality as Firebender and is updated on a regular basis. Please fill out a contact form  with your name, email, url, and a short description of your site.

Legend of Korra begins now…

‘The Legend of Korra’ Premiere: Live on KorraNation.com!

We’re excited to let you know that The Legend of Korra premiere is live RIGHT NOW on KorraNation.com. And there’s even more Korra goodness than you thought. Here’s what you’ll find:

I. From Aang to Korra: A look back at Avatar: The Last Airbender and a glimpse into what’s to come in The Legend of Korra.

II. The Legend of Korra Begins: Episodes 101 and 102, as promised 🙂

III. This Season on The Legend of Korra: A sneak peek of what’s coming this season as Korra strives to fulfill her destiny as the new Avatar.

Episodes will only stay up through the weekend – so go watch right now!

Nice job, #korranation!

-Team Korra

Lost My Heart in Republic City

but lost my mind in college. Haha, I apologize for the late update, but these past seven weeks have been hectic and probably won’t calm down until the end of the semester. Until then, The Legend of Korra will be premiering on April 14, 2012 but if we can reach another 100,000 likes and shares for Korra Nation the premiere will be released earlier. You will need either Facebook or Twitter to contribute. As soon as the videos are up on Nick’s website they will be available on Firebender for your enjoyment.

Nick recently published a press release website for Korra containing more information about the series, character biographies, and high quality press images for download.

Synopsis for the premiere:

In the premiere episode, “Welcome to Republic City,” Korra leaves the safety of her home and travels to bustling Republic City to begin her airbending training.   Once there, she is shocked to find a big city full of dangers, including criminal bending gangs and a vocal anti-bending revolution.  In episode two, “A Leaf in the Wind,” Korra is living with her airbending teacher Tenzin on Air Temple Island.  Frustrated with her inability to master airbending, she turns her attentions to Republic City’s famous Pro-bending Arena.  There she befriends two brothers, Mako (David Faustino) and Bolin (P.J. Byrne), who compete in professional bending matches.  Korra is immediately drawn to Pro-bending’s dynamic fighting style.


Hold on until April 1

Starting today, fans can work to unlock an exclusive sneak peek of The Legend of Korra premiere at korranation.com.  Beginning April 1, fans may log on to nick.com for an interactive experience and introduction to Republic City.  Show information, fun facts, micro games and additional new content make up this “Welcome to Republic City” online experience.  Also leading up to the television series premiere, Xbox users will have the opportunity to download the first episode and trailer for free and purchase episodes from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  The first The Legend of Korra episode will be available on VOD.  In conjunction with the series premiere, Nick’s mobile channel NIMO, will have a live simulcast of the first two episodes.

Graphic Additions & Updates

  • 3 new signatures featuring Korra, Mako,and Aang (“Survivor signature is by Laforeze)
  • 2 new renders featuring Korra and Mako
  • 3 new wallpapers featuring Amon, Katara, and Aang (“Born to Die” and “Paradize” are by Laforeze)
  • Updated FAQ and About pages
  • Added Link Exchanges.
  • Updated WordPress Plugins
  • Updated Music player with new Korra music
Firebender will be undergoing a few renovations this summer. I plan on writing a php script that will allow users to easily search through graphics for a specific character. Also, I’ll be designing a new layout in the summer. If you have any suggestions feel free to shoot me an email, I’m open to ideas!