Grand Opening of Firebender

Welcome to Firebender, my new Avatar fansite! When you first visit this site you are bound to notice quite a few changes and new features: layout, content structure, social network integration, user interaction, and management. Nonetheless, you will still recognize the my signature graphic design style, all of your favorite Avatar graphics, and my beloved affiliates.


Rebranding and Redefining

Formerly, Breakthrough Designs was known as my Avatar fansite; however, I wanted to separate it’s Avatar identity from the site’s name. When you hear names like “” or “” you immediately associate Avatar: the Last Airbender with the site name, in other words the website’s subject matter is immediately communicated to the user. On the other, when you hear “” you think of a design firm even though it’s Avatar website. I’ve decided to rebrand this site to avoid confusion. In addition, for the past year or so I had been meaning to turn Breakthrough Designs into a network site that housed my portfolio, fanlistings, and Avatar fansite. As of now, the Breakthrough Designs network has branched into two main sites Firebender and my portfolio.

Security, Versatility, & Flexibility

Firebender is powered by WordPress, an omnipotent content manager that is easily customizable and secure. Before I switched to WordPress all of my websites were maintained by Cutenews, a content manager notorious for its security loopholes and obsolete coding. On the old system I had to manually upload images and code each post which took about 15 minutes or more to do for one graphic entry. On other hand, with WordPress I can add new graphics in under two minutes because it automatically uploads the images, generates the links, and installs the gallery in each post. As well, I can easily manage the website without having to load my ftp program which takes up even more time. To sum it all up, less time is wasted and more time is left for designing.

Embrace the social networking sites: Firebender has completely embraced the social networking trends. You can share all of your favorite graphics by clicking on the post titles and using the shareholic feature. Go ahead and post whatever you want on your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google +, and every other website imaginable. If you want to say in touch with Firebender subscribe to the RSS feed located at the top of menu or to check out the live Twitter stream located at the bottom.

User Interaction: On all of the posts you can leave behind your thoughts and ideas in the comment section or you can leave behind a rating. As well, Firebender supports Gravatar!

Upgrading to WordPress is like upgrading your old Toyota Camry to a brand-new  Lexus or BMW.

Compatibility with Computers, Tablets, & Smartphones

Whether you’re viewing Firebender on your computer, iPad, or smartphone we are compatible. This site is viewable in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and in both Windows XP/Vista/7 and OS X Lion/OS X Snow Leopard. If you are viewing the website on your smartphone a special version of the website will automatically appear, and if you want to view the original website just toggle the mobile theme off (it’s located at the bottom of the site).

Graphic Additions

Five new wallpapers featuring Korra, Ozai, Oman, Avatar Kyoshi, and Long Feng have been added! In the next couple of days I will be adding new avatars and signatures to the collection!