Lift Off – Massive Update

College awaits! I’m leaving in exactly two days so this is going to be the last big update of the summer. I probably won’t update again until Labor Day weekend or some time in early September. For now on updates will no longer be posted weekly but once every two weeks or so. Anyway, for starters Firebender is now affiliated with Legend of Korra Fans, a great fan site filled with latest news regarding the upcoming show. Also, link exchanges will be returning soon at the end of September or so.  In the meantime, affiliation is still open to those who are interested. Just send me a message via the contact form or at the

Re-adding pre made web layouts

Firebender and Piandao are possibly the last Avatar graphic sites to still be up and running. If you’ve around the fan community for quite a while you may have noticed that my old affiliates such as Trigger Happy, Avatar’s Hangout Elemental Masters and Yin Yang Graphics closed down quite a while ago. My old affiliates offered a plethora of  Avatar layouts that were used on small fansites, blogs, and fanlistings. Before I moved all of Breakthrough Designs’ Avatar content onto this new site I too used to offer downloadable web layouts but stopped after the revamp. I’ve noticed there are no pre made Avatar layouts available anywhere, and they will be in demand when new fan sites will be popping up following the premier of Legend of Korra. If anyone is interested in using pre made web layouts I will re-add the layouts and continue to design new ones. After designing The Dai Li‘s new layout in Adobe Dreamweaver, I can now create  DIV and table based web layouts in under a three hours. Plus, the layouts will be good practice for the imaging and programming classes I will be taking this year.

Graphic Additions & Network updates

  • The Dai Li has been completely revamped with a new layout and upgraded servers
  • 23 new Transparent Renders featuring characters such as Aang, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, Toph
  • 4 new Signatures featuring Toph, Sokka, a Yu Yan Archer, and an Earth Kingdom Soldier
  • 1 new Avatar featuring Fire Lord Ozai
  • 1 new Vector featuring Korra
  • 1 new wallpaper by Laforeze and 3 new wallpapers by me that feature Korra, Aang, Katara, Mai, and Master Pakku
  • Installed NivoSlider widget
  • Reorganized and updated the Avatar Season 1 Episode pages
  • Modified the RSS feed to display full posts
  • Added one new Firebender button

Designer position is still open

I’m looking for another Avatar graphic designers who would like to share their work on Firebender while still retaining full credit and authority over their work. There are a few requirements for these positions:

  • the graphics must be designed in either Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, etc. (anything aside from MS Paint)
  • only high quality work (no grainy/pixelated images)
  • the graphics must be either Avatar: the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, or The Last Airbender movie related
  • designers can created anything of the following wallpapers, avatars, signatures,  graphics resources, banners, web layouts, and blog layouts

If you’re interested just fill out the contact form with your name, email address, examples of your work, and a very brief description of your experience with designing. Though please keep this in the mind, I’m looking for designers who will add new work at least once a month. If you have an questions feel free to send me an email or leave behind a comment.

Fanvid Spotlight

About once or twice a month I’ll be featuring an Avatar fanvid that has under 10,000 views on Firebender. If you want to submit a video please email me via the contact form. All fanvids must be PG and absolutely no Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus songs!

I’ve might skipped a thing or two but those or the major changes and additions to the site. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to stay updated on the latest Korra news and graphic additions! Enjoy the rest of your summer!