Let me go over this for you (again)

We are the designers behind everything you see on Firebender, and without us none of this would not exist. We design graphics and layouts for your personal use and enjoyment therefore credit should be given to the rightful designer. Frankly, it frustrates me to see my Korra Wallpaper modified into web layouts and other graphics without giving proper credit to me or Firebender (see exhibit A). If you use the graphics and give proper credit then you are fine, and I thank you for doing that. We  have spent countless hours creating these graphics, so please show your respect and give proper credit. And never remove the Firebender watermarks on the graphics.

About Adriana

Adriana is a college student (dual majoring in Electronic Arts, Media & Communication and Information Technology & Web Science at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute) who has been an Avatar fanatic since the day the show aired. She has been creating Avatar graphics for the past six years and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. She's a bit of a prep with a keen eye for fashion and design, and has been dubbed the "hipster artist" at the engineering school. Although she has good & expensive tastes in scarves and sunglasses, she is not a hipster or at least that is what she keeps telling herself. Nonetheless, she's your typical girl in college who likes to study and party hard. Her trades include designing interfaces, developing websites, painting, drawing, and more.
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