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Hey guys! Firebender is still undergoing an open revamp and will continue to undergo changes for the next few weeks. At this current moment, I’m still prepping the site for its fabulous makeover, but my client work has to come first. I’m currently in the midst of designing a new layout for Avatar Portal, redesigning a few club websites at my college, and building an e-commerce site for another client. And to top if all off, I’m training for a few races and am halfway through completing a short summer session of courses in New York (classes will end in roughly two and half weeks and it’s back to good old Virginia). So as you can see, there are quite a few things I have to get done, but fear not, Firebender is one of my top priorities.

A Little Clarification on the Site Name

Before I delve deeper into explaining the site’s revamp and update there is one issue that needs to be clarified. Formerly, Firebender was known as Breakthrough Designs. Although Breakthrough Designs is still up and running these two sites are completely separate. Breakthrough Designs is my portfolio and network website that houses Firebender, The Dai Li, and my other Avatar sites. The site you are currently viewing is not called Firebender Breakthrough Designs, just simply Firebender with no mention of “Breakthrough Designs” in the title. I have considered buying the old firebender.com domain but I’m a broke college student. Maybe one day I’ll buy a full domain for this site.

Graphics, graphics, graphics…

If you have been keeping an eye on our RSS feed Laforeze and I have been hard at work designing new graphics for your use and enjoyment. Once the new layout is up I’ll post a large update that details the new additions and such. Firebender will now be offering textures, panshots, and web layouts. Yes, I am working on Avatar layouts for your use. Here are few characters you can look forward to seeing in new graphics: Iroh, Korra, Bolin, Mako, Tenzin, Asami, Chief Bei Fong, Amon, Aang, Sokka, Toph, Metalbender Cops, Tarrlok, Ty Lee, and more. Please keep in mind that I refuse to design any graphics related to M. Night Shyamalallamllama’s film catastrophe The Last Airbender.

All right, well I’m heading back to the drawing board and to work on a few more things. Visit Firebender daily for the latest graphics and additions! Cheers!

About Adriana

Adriana is a college student (dual majoring in Electronic Arts, Media & Communication and Information Technology & Web Science at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute) who has been an Avatar fanatic since the day the show aired. She has been creating Avatar graphics for the past six years and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. She's a bit of a prep with a keen eye for fashion and design, and has been dubbed the "hipster artist" at the engineering school. Although she has good & expensive tastes in scarves and sunglasses, she is not a hipster or at least that is what she keeps telling herself. Nonetheless, she's your typical girl in college who likes to study and party hard. Her trades include designing interfaces, developing websites, painting, drawing, and more.
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