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Questions regarding graphics & resources:

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What program(s)/tool(s) did you use to create your graphics?

All of my graphics were designed in Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Adobe Illustrator CS3. Also, I used Corel Painter Essentials 4 and an Wacom Intous tablet for a few of the graphics.


Where did you get your images from? Did you screencap them yourself?

Most of my graphics use high quality screencaps available at Piandao.org and Iroh.org. In a few instances I took the screenshots myself by downloading the episodes from iTunes and importing the screenshots in Adobe Photoshop CS3.


Will you write tutorials explaining your design and thought process?

Sorry hun’ but I’m taking my secrets with me to the grave. ;] If you want to get a peek at how I do things then head over to Photoshop File and download one of my original psd file. All of the layers, images, and blending effects are in tact so it’ll give you an idea as to how I work.


Can I use your graphics on my website or in the layout?

You can post the images on your website without permission, but if you are going to incorporate them into your layout please ask me for permission. I will more than likely say yes, so please don’t be shy.


Can you please make me something special?

At this point in time I’m unable to take requests or commissions. If you have any ideas or suggestions for a graphic feel free to leave me a message either in the comments or through an email.


Why don’t you have [insert charater’s name] wallpapers, avatars, etc.?

If one of your favorite character is missing feel free to send me a message. I probably haven’t gotten around to designing graphics with which ever character is missing.


What happened to the Neopet layouts?

I will no longer continue to create Neopet layouts. Neopets changes their coding every couple of months, and it has become difficult to keep up with coding changes.


Can I directly link an image?

Yes, Firebender has unlimited monthly bandwidth so it’s no worry. :]


Questions regarding the website:


Is affiliation open?

Affiliation is currently open! If you are interested please contact Adriana using the contact form. Only Avatar: the Last Airbender fansites and graphic websites will be accepted. If your website is not Avatar related please apply as a link exchange.


Why did you move all of your Avatar stuff to a new site?

For a while I planned on separating my Avatar content from my portfolio. I created a Firebender as a separate website that housed all of my Avatar graphics while Breakthrough Designs became my portfolio site.


Firebender is loading very slowly, how can I make it load faster?

There are a few solutions to this dilemma:

  • Try refreshing the page or restarting your browser
  • Check to see you have a strong internet connection, if not try resetting your NetGear device.
  • If you have a strong internet but are still experiencing difficulty the website may be experiencing technical difficulty. You may be trying to access content that is currently being updated or the servers may be down. Check back a little bit later.

What content manager do you use?

WordPress – it’s an extremely powerful, versatile content management system. .


I’m interested in applying for staff, how do I do that?

Just fill out the contact form with the required information and explain what role you would like to have. Also, if possible please provide a little bit of information regarding your experience with websites and/or the Avatar community.



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