Terms of Use

Firebender is not affiliated with the owners of Avatars, its affiliates or distributors. This site is strictly fanmade and is not an official source. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Rules for Graphics

The rules are simple, please do not claim the graphics as your own and please give respect. You are allowed to use only the resources in your own layouts and graphics. If you wish to use a part of my layouts or graphics for another project please contact me so that I can give you permission. Credit links are not necessary but are greatly apperciated. As well, if you used any of my resources in your work, I’d like to see it. :]

You do not need permission to use the avatars and signatures on forums, blogs, and social networking websites. As for the wallpapers, you do not need permission to use them as backgrounds for your computer, tablet, phone, social networking profile, or website. As well, you do not need to post a credit link.

The only pieces that are off limits are my actual artworks located inĀ my portfolio. Those pieces are copyrighted however you may publish them as they are on blogs, email, ect. as long as you do not claim them as your own. If you wish to use them for a project, please contact me for permission. I will more than likely give you permission, so don’t be shy.

Rules for Coding

Initially, I was fairly lenient and allowed people to use my coding for permission; however, I’ve changed my mind. Please do not take the coding from the web layouts and using them in your own web layout without proper credit.

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