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  3. Weekly Avatar and Korra podcast! Great hosts bring news, entertainment and fun every week to the highest quality.

  4. Hey i deleted my site aitsu sweetheart a while back and someone signed up with it and turned into something else…not very good.

    anyways if u want to link exchange with my new site let me know and we can add each other! bye

  5. Hi Andriana! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved my site, so please change my link when you get the chance. Take care love~!

  6. Hi!

    Nickelodeon is very excited for the upcoming release of The Legend of Korra: Book One: Air on Blu-ray/DVD on July 9. To celebrate, we’d love to set up a giveaway of one DVD to run on your site. The contest could post some time within the next three weeks and be open to US/Canada. If you’re interested, let me know. All we’d need is a winner’s address at the end of the contest. Below is the official release.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Andrew Gilchriest

    andrew gilchriest
    the karpel group
    47 e 19th st / sixth floor
    new york / new york 10003
    212-505-2900 ph
    212-505-2950 fx

  7. hey its brandi! long time no talk. just wondering if you want to link exchange with my new anime site my link has changed now 😀

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