Legend of Korra

The creators of Avatar have released a new teaser trailer of The Legend of Korra during San Diego Comic Con. According to Dongbu Feng, The Legend of Korra will be comprised of 26 episodes spanning two seasons (the first season has 12 episodes while the second 14) . The new show is scheduled to air in the Summer of 2012, nearly four years following the end of the first series.

Rather than having a lead male character, Korra is a headstrong young woman from the Southern Water Tribe. She is joined by two other boys, Mako and Bolin, one is a firebender the other an earthbender. The three of them journey to a city called United Republic a place inspired by the city landscapes of Hong Kong and Chicago.

New Features (taken from AvatarSpirit.net)

  • A trailer was shown, and they used the music from the ATLA season 3 trailers.
  • The city is called United Republic and it was founded by Aang and Zuko.
  • The two guys in the poster with Korra are Mako (firebender) and Bolin (earthbender), and they are brothers.
  • The polar bear dog is female and her name is Naga.
  • Bolin has a pet fire ferret named Paboo.
  • There will be new flying bison and new lemurs.
  • There will be two seasons — season 1 will have 12 episodes, season 2 will have 14 episodes.
  • Aang and Katara had three kids, Tenzin being the youngest and only airbender.
  • Tenzin has three kids of his own.
  • Anti-benders use chi-blocking.
  • There are metalbending cops.
  • Toph traveled the world to teach metalbending after the war was over, and her daughter Bei Fong is the chief of police.
  • There will be mixed martial arts in the series, and the music was described as 1920s jazz invented by the Chinese.

Download Legend of Korra Teaser Trailer